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Like the cosmos itself, we go to the outer reaches of our imagination to bring you stunning images of the night sky. 


Science is fun, beautiful and inspiring. We blend all this and more in our full dome presentations. 

Learn the latest techniques in astro photography, real-time stargazing, astronomy and more.




Cosmic Clock Productions blends science, art and humanity

We believe science and art are two sides of the same coin. Through the physical lens of large diameter telescopes pointed at our Milky Way galaxy, and the metaphorical lens of our common humanity, we aim to educate and inspire people everywhere about our world, our galaxy, and the universe we live in.


Our Mission Statement

We achieve this through hands on collaboration with our clients to ensure we meet and exceed the goals of your project.  Whether you're looking for a mind-bending lecture to adults, an emersive workshop for teenagers, a full dome planetarium movie that will expand your audiences, or something entirely different, we've got you covered.


The diverse and market-proven business, science and artistic expertise of our team offers your project a result that will have people talking, thinking and feeling inspired. We guarantee it!

into interactive presentations on cosmology and astro-photography for education initiatives, community and corporate events, conferences, museum pieces and more.



Jennifer Hruska

Dr. Christian Sasse

Dr. Arlon J. Hunt

Dr. Hunt is a senior physicist with over 40 years of experience in solar energy conversion, light scattering, processing of materials, instrumentation, and electro-optics. He created and led the Microstructured Materials Group at Lawrence Berkley National Labs and established an international reputation as a researcher in solar thermal energy, light scattering, and aerogel development. Dr. Hunt has conceived and developed ideas from proposals to funded projects. Acting as a principal investigator, he has directed scientists, engineers, students, and technicians on scores of diverse projects. 

Dr. Hunt holds several patents and has been widely published. The full list can be seen here.

An avid traveler, Arlon has spent time in numerous parts of the world learning and experiencing the local cultures as well as teaching science. 

Dr. Arlon J Hunt - Science Advisor
Senior Physicist LBNL -retired
Dr. Christian Sasse - Founder
Astronomer, Scientist, Photographer

Dr. Sasse’s passion encompasses both eagle photography and astronomy. His academic background as an electrical engineer and physicist, particularly his knowledge of optics and the physical properties of light, has shaped his photography. His photography uniquely captures colors and patterns due to his keen sense of how his objects reflect, refract, diffract and transmit light.  


Christian likes to move boundaries – in 2011 he broke a world record for amateur astronomy; the most distant amateur observation ever achieved on a truly accessible, amateur sized telescope. More here.

Dr. Sasse runs a popular YouTube channel where he uses innovative techniques to bring wildlife and astronomy to his subscribers – an experience which emerses his viewers into an active dialogue during his live events.

In 2017 Christian's photography was featured in National Geographic articles on astronomy and eagles and by Nikon USA.

Ms. Jennifer Hruska - Co-Founder
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer

As a musician, technologist and business executive, Ms. Hruska has spent her career on work that blends art and technology. Her early career was as a sound designer for music synthesizers at Kurzweil Music Systems, working for such industry giants as Ray Kurzweil and Bob Moog. Following, Jennifer founded and operated SONiVOX, a software company whose music products and technology reached hundreds of millions of customers with clients such as Google, Motorola, Samsung and others. In 2012 she sold SONiVOX to inMusic Brands and now focuses her talents on music composition, sound design and audio production. 

Jennifer carries music degrees from University of Illinois and Boston Conservatory. Her musical work has been featured in several stage productions, radio spots, games, videos as well as her personal CD "The Underground Forest".


Jennifer is featured in David Battino's book The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists and Insiders Reveal Their Creative Secrets.